Technology is ever changing. Having direct partnerships with our selected suppliers, vendors and manufacturers allows us to maintain certifications and/or the latest training available to stay on top of the most recent offerings in home automation. By allowing RHT to design and implement the total home automation solution, we can integrate the best possible solution. It's usually best to allow one integrator to provide this service although it's not uncommon for us to partner with existing providers that you or your building may already have in place.

The key is getting in on the solution as early as possible to assure a true integration that provides all your desired scenarios can be met with the most ease and, of course, the least amount of cost. A full understanding, on our part, of what other integrators are providing is key so we can assure a seamless integration. Again, it's preferred for RHT to provide the total solution that can include security, lighting, home theater, audio, video, camera, etc. as that best assures total integrations of all components.

Expertise Area A: Home Security
Home Security. This is not your typical installation that so many builders and security companies offer. We all have seen the $99 gimmick. That goal is either to simply add "security" to the list of special offerings and do so with the least amount of cost with the   most simple/basic technology or more usually to get the residual monthly income from home owners by getting them to commit to long term agreements. At RHT we only design and install the highest quality technology that can be customized to the exact demands of our clients. You are free to choose your monitoring service as you see fit. You are not tied to any one company to provide that service. While all of our installs are simple for the homeowner to use, rest assured that the technology, design and installation is sophisticated, customizable and more importantly upgradeable should your needs, desires and demands change. Flexibility is one of the priorities in our designs.

The solution can range from a more modest install that includes window/door contacts, motion sensors and glass break monitor all the way up to a highly sophisticated solution. This can be an install that includes cameras that trigger digital recording accessible via the web to view anywhere in the world even on your PDA, mobile devise, iPad or some cell phones. Other options can be multiple zones that quarantine off certain areas as a completely separate monitored location, notification of alarm or status to any one of a variety of ways: cell phone, text, email. Any series of events can be triggered when the status of an alarm changes. Want a certain light or set of lights to come on, flash or alternate during an alarm status change? How about triggering the water sprinklers to douse a would-be intruder in a particular zone? If you can imagine something can be done, it most likely can be done.

Expertise Area B: Lighting
Nothing changes or sets a mood like the proper lighting. Gone are the days of roaming the home to turn off all the lights before you go to bed or leave the property. Today’s technology allows you to press one "scene" button that can trigger whatever series of events you prefer. Lighting can also be tied to the security whereby when you set the alarm for "away" all the lights turn off or to a preset status. Have lights alternate while your away to give that "someone is home" feeling to potential intruders. Set the alarm   for "night" status and that to can trigger whatever you like: turn off lights, dim outside to 30% until midnight, turn off music and/or any other equipment, etc. With the push of one button, you can set a scene for entertaining, clean mode, emergency exiting or whatever scene you desire.

Another great feature of lighting automation is energy consumption. Why have lights turn on 100% when 80% will do? The energy savings is in directly proportional to power consumption, i.e. having lights turn on at 90% saves 10% on the energy. Another benefit is lengthening the lifetime of the bulb. A truly energy efficient home is not the most efficient it can be without lighting automation.

Expertise Area C: Home Theater
Experience what Hollywood intended in the comfort of your own home. Home theaters don't have to be expensive. The range of installs can be from just a couple speakers to a full blown 9.2+  set-up complete with theater style furniture that moves with the soundtrack to enthrall you into the complete experience. Tie your lighting system to the home theater: Want to watch a movie? Press one button to dim the lights, close the blinds, draw down the projection screen, set the audio/visual equipment and start the movie. All this is done for you. Our installs are professionally designed and calibrated to bring the ultimate experience.

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