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We have partnerships or relationships with leading manufacturers or their reps of home automation. URC is one of our manufacturers of choice for the back-end whole house automation not only because of their cutting edge technology and product offerings but also due to their ease of use, whole house systems and, of course, their pleasing aesthetics.

Below are a few options for automation. Keep in mind that possibilities are truly close to limitless. If it can be imagined, it likely can be done. Have ideas? Let's find a way to make it happen. As with all solutions, designs vary greatly in not only the product offerings, but the scalebility, options and price ranges.


Most new homes have the very basic security systems (and the cheapest) that are a part of the builders package. Our smallest installs are far more than the average you will find in a new home. They are more sophisticated and exandable, however they are no more complicated for the home owner. Builders typically install whatever the security company will install the cheapest. The security companies are usually more focused on getting your residual monthly alarm payment therefore are less concerned about expanability or how the system can tie into other solutions. Actually, 95% of the typical security systems you find in most homes will not do anything other than what they were installed to do. With one of our systems, it just one part of the overall solution of convenience. A good security system will tie into other offerings and do more than sound an alarm or call a monitoring company.

Scenario: You prepare to leave the home. Typically, you shut off all the lights, turn off the music/tv, close the drapes, etc. With an RHT system, you simply hit "Away" on the security panel (or hit a button on your remote on your key ring) and the system does the rest: lights off (or set to a desire preset pattern, i.e. if dark turn on driveway lights to 80% for 5 minutes, porch light on 75% till midnight, turn off sprinklers for 10 minutes, so you don't get wet, music off, TV off, etc.).



What can be done with lighting? Again, if you can imagine it, it likely can be done. There are many manufacturers from which to choose. Our choice is Lutron.  There   are many styles offered that will surely give you the look most pleasing for your home.

Scenario: It's bedtime. A simple push of a button that is stratically located throughout the home (or on your wireless hand held touchscreen, remote or keychain) will instantly set all   lights to their desired level. You may chose to have all interior lights off with outside lights dimmed to 45% until 12pm as well as have them set to wake you in the morning at 30% while they slowly ramp up to 90%. The options are truly limitless. The system can tell you at any given time what lights are on as well as give you the option to individually set any light without ever leaving the comfort of your bed or favorite chair.

Touchscreens can be mounted flush in the wall and can give you a floorplan that shows you all your lighting inside and outside the home, their status and complete control all with a visually pleasing screen that can be custom designed to suit your taste.



Whole house, inside and out, audio distribution is becoming standard in many new homes. However, "standard" to many builders is a couple speakers in the family room tied into a couple speakers in the master bedroom and maybe the patio. Can you say 1980's? Todays systems are much more sophisticated yet so simple to use. The ability exist to have multiple rooms access the same source system yet listen to different music in different rooms.

Speakers and controls come in a variety of configurations  to suit your style. Care not to have any speakers? Well, you will have them but they can actually be hidden in your walls to give the appearance of not having speakers. Completely invisble! Astonishing.

Scenario: Little Jimmy listens to that music of which you may not care to listen. He has control of what plays in his room all the while you are in the kitchen listening to your favorite selections. His older sister Karen bops away to her tunes in her room. Any room can have a plug-in that allows an MP3 player, laptop, etc. to be added to the system and accessible. Never touch another cd as your music is now all stored electronically tucked behind your entainment center, in a closet or even the basement. Even more exciting is how that music can be accessed and played. Your dinner party arrives at 7pm. You simply hit a button and select your playlist that you have chosen for the evening and its all set! You can chose what rooms and what volume get the music. What else can be done? Touchscreens can show viewers not only the artist but the coverart, title, length etc. You can even have the lyric displayed as the song plays! Amazing, isn't it?



Home Theater

Choose from a plethora of manufactures such as Integra, Sony, Denon all the way up to Krell and Lexicon. There IS a difference in the discount chain "box" theaters compared to a professionally designed and installed system. Have a room you want dedicated as a home theater? We offer the latest technologies in sound proofing, layout design and even theater furnishings.

Whether is a projection style system or the latest DLP, Plasma or LCD, RHT can design the right system for your home. Don't want a dedicated room? Let us layout a more hidden design for the family room that can double as a home theater. With Klipsh as our leading manufacturer of speaker systems, you are sure to have a superior sounding media room whether for music or movies.  Chose from cabinet speakers to less consipicous in-wall or even hi-end in-ceiling. The choice, look and price range is up to you.

Scenario: Its movietime. Touch a button on the wall, table top or the handheld LCD touchscreen and your system does the rest; close drapes, lower the screen, set all audio equipment to proper mode, dim lights, play movie. It can even be set to start the popcorn machine!

Star Scape Ceilings - Fiber Optics                                  

Want to highlight and entryway ceiling? How about the theater room, bedroom or dining room ceiling? It can be the perfect mood lighting. Tiny fiber optic "stars" can add the right affect and just the right amount of light for you particular need. We can design it to match a particular galaxy and even have it with shooting or twinkling stars. Talk about the wow factor!

Scenario: Your home automation system can tie into the star light ceiling to come on whenever you want. Set it for certain night times or when you start a movie. It can add the dramatic affect that just sets the right tone for the perfect movie night, that special romance or the entertaining party.





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